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Our School Badge

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At Whakarongo School we think developing the skills, attitudes and qualities associated with leadership and responsibility is important and critical to developing self-managing, future-focused learners.  When students enter Year 5 they can begin to participate in our school badge system, which is a system that promotes goal setting, achievement, perseverance and, sometimes, trying a new skill.  

Students from Years 5-8 are able, and encouraged, to take on responsibilities and opportunities that can earn them school badge points. These are awarded across academic, sporting, cultural, service and values domains. Students who attend Whakarongo up to the end of each year are given a summary of their points so far by their classroom teacher. This update is important as students can see the areas they can work towards in the following year to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. Teachers also explain how the points run to our new students, and students need to keep an eye on the daily notices to hear service jobs that they can apply for.

Each term an assembly is held to present the badges to the students that achieve them. This is normally in the last week of school. Please keep an eye out in the school newsletter for these and you will be contacted by the school office if your child is going to receive a badge so that you can attend.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact your child's classroom teacher or Ana Matangi, who co-ordinates these points.

School Badge System:

Developing attitudes and dispositions of our Whakarongo Kid

Upon entering Year 5 our students become eligible to be acknowledged, take on different roles and opportunities within the school to work towards first a silver and then a gold badge. Students are required to earn points over five key areas to work towards their badges. These key areas are:
  • Service Roles
  • Academic Acknowledgements
  • Sports Participation & Acknowledgements
  • Cultural Participation
  • Values Certificates

 Silver & Gold Badge Criteria

Silver Badge

Gold Badge

20 points or more.

At least 2 points in each category.

A silver school badge will be awarded to any pupil in Years 5-8 who achieves 20 points over the five key areas.

A school badge should not be an expected achievement but something that students show commitment towards achieving.

The areas in which points can be achieved are representative of the dispositions and attitudes that we aim for all of our students to develop as Whakarongo Kids.  At least 2 points are required in each category to attain a silver badge; the remaining points can be accumulated in any of the five categories.

On attaining at least 20 points, with two in each category, a school silver badge will be awarded by the principal at the end of the term in the School Badge Assembly.

The majority of children during their time at Whakarongo School should be able to achieve the Silver Badge but it should not be considered "a given" following 2 years.  School badges are to be worked towards and should be a challenge... they are acknowledgement of special effort not an expectation.

40 points or more.

At least 4 points in each category.

Must have completed Passport to Success.

The Gold Badge is the supreme badge and is awarded to those students who have achieved at the highest level. Achieving a gold badge is a significant achievement and should not be considered as "par for the course." Only those students that demonstrate all the qualities and attitudes of the Whakarongo Kid will be able to successfully achieve this.

There are two parts to the Gold Badge to ensure that the Gold Badge is attained by those committed to, and consistently performing to, the highest level.

Part One: Students must complete the PASSPORT TO SUCCESS programme. This is a way of students demonstrating in a practical way the dimensions of the Whakarongo Kid. This can only be started as a Year 7 and worked on during the Intermediate years. Those that complete this will be recognised for this and awarded this in the School Badge Assembly.

Part Two: Students will need to achieve 40 points over the five key areas in the badge point system.  These key areas are Service, Academic, Sport, Cultural and Values.  At least 4 points are required in each category; the remaining points can be accumulated in any area.

On the attainment of at least 40 points, with 4 points in each category, and a completed ‘Passport to Success’, a school gold badge will be awarded by the principal at the end of the term at the School Badge Assembly. They will also be acknowledged at the end of year school’s prize giving.


The Badge Point Categories & Opportunities






Nominations from staff are considered for a service point.

These will be students who are consistently reliable and trustworthy in set duties identified by staff, who have also contributed some of their own time in carrying out the duty i.e. lunchtime monitors, rubbish monitors, worm farm, flag.

Students will be advised of which service jobs they can apply for throughout the year.

Points will be awarded at the end of every term.   Points will be worth ½ or 1 point per term depending on the time and effort required by students.

Academic awards are awarded at the end of every term for up to 1/5th of each homeroom.

These are awarded in recognition of academic achievement, effort and/or progress.

Points are also awarded for participation in Mathex, House Maths competitions, Tournament of the Minds, Science Fair and Crest, and other similar types of academic achievements.

A point may also be awarded for credit, distinction or high distinction in external academic exams i.e. Kiwi.

Students that are awarded Pod or Achievement Awards at the end of year prize giving are also eligible for points.

These are awarded 1/2 a point per term (1 point per season - for most sports Terms 1 & 4, Term 2 & 3) for the members of school sports team that attended practices and games diligently.

Points are also awarded for Rep colours in any given sport. This information needs to be given to the Sports Co-ordinator.  If this should occur, email our sports coordinators.  

Sports points are also awarded for top 3 placings in school events such as Athletics, Swimming sports, Cross Country, as well as top 3 placings in interschool events or participation in school representative teams such as Super 10.

One point may be awarded for participation in Kapa Haka, Choir, Production, Dance or any other cultural activity that represents the school.

A point may also be awarded for Vegetable Garden placings (top 3) and Ag Day Lamb and Calf competition placings (top 3).

Cultural points are awarded in term 3.

A point is awarded every time a certificate is awarded for a positive value in assembly for children in Years 5-8.

Although every child sets a goal for achieving the school badge, the acknowledgement of every single point is an important factor and therefore announced at each School Badge assembly.

Principal’s Discretion

In the event of a Year 8 finishing their education at Whakarongo, the principal may grant a discretionary point in the event that a student is one point away from achieving either of the badges.

School Badge Information Notice 2018