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Lamb Competition Entries

Please note that this competition is for LAMBS only this year.

Whakarongo School Agricultural Day

Lamb Competition Information & Online Entries

Please see below for Lamb Rearing Competition Information.  

Please see the bottom of this page for printable versions of the competition information.


(Guidelines from Manawatu/Oroua Division-Boys and Girls Agricultural Club)

Lambing Dates:   Born between 1st July and 15 September

Classes:                    A student may only exhibit one lamb

Junior Category – New Entrant to Year 4

Senior Category – Year 5 to Year 8.


  1. All feeding and handling of animals must be done by the students themselves.

  2. Lambs should be presented for judging in natural condition at both school and Manawatu/Oroua Division Championship Day.

  3. Lambs should be free from disease and clean about the mouth, crutch and feet.

  4. Students should be encouraged to present themselves in a neatly dressed manner.  Appropriate enclosed footwear is to be worn.  


Lamb competitions are divided into three classes:

  • Leading

  • Calling

  • Care and Attention.

a) Leading

Lambs should be paraded around in a ring in a clockwise direction with the student leading from the left-hand side of the lamb.  

b) Calling

Students should be able to call their lamb from a distance of approximately 4 metres.  

c) Care and Attention

Brushing all over is important.  A docked lamb is preferred to a long-tailed one (Washing or clipping lambs is not allowed).


Your Diary should:

  • Have an inside cover page
  • Be informative
  • Have a balance of pictorial information and written work
  • Have an attractive front cover

    • Written information to be done neatly (computer okay)
    • Bold and clear headings
    • Neat attractive borders
    • Captions
    • Balances layouts
    • Colourful and eye catching
    • Consistency and flow throughout the diary
    Written Content:
    • Contents page
    • How you got your pet
    • It’s needs-food, shelter, care and attention
    • Personality of pet
    • Unusual/funny habits
    • Regular routines
    • Your feelings towards your pet
    • Time spent with your pet
    • Your pet’s future after pet day
    • Glossary
    • Frequent entries – observation, changes in our pet’s behaviour etc
    Pictorial Content:
    • Photos
    • Pictures
    • Sketches
    • Info graphics
    • Flow charts
    • Graphs
    • Samples e.g. grasses
    • Cartoons
    Most of all remember to have fun writing about your pet.

    Ag Day: Lamb & Calf Entry Form 2018

    Ana Matangi,
    Aug 26, 2018, 4:08 PM
    Ana Matangi,
    Aug 26, 2018, 4:08 PM