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Our Policies & Procedures

We have a range of policies and procedures to meet our National Administrative Guidelines (NAGs).  These are listed below.  A number of key procedures can be downloaded (see bottom of page). For more detailed information on any others,  please feel free to ask to seem them in full at the school office.  If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

NAG 1: Curriculum Policy
 Policies         Procedures Supporting documents
 Consultation with Maori Behaviour Management Programmes of work
 Curriculum Delivery     Bullying Individual Education Plans
  Communication with Parents Information booklet for Parents
  Parental and Community Involvement Pupil Report Forms
  Education Outside the Classroom Learning Profiles
  Evaluation and Assessment 
  Reporting to Parents on Child's Progress 
  Students at Risk 
  Special Abilities 
  Specialists - Advisory Services 
  Information Technology                         
  Learning Centre 
NAG 2: Self Review
 Policies         Procedures Supporting documents
 Documentation and Self-Review Liaison Between Staff and Board Representative Chairperson's Annual Report
 Three Year Programme of Self-Review   Policy Review Staff Representatives' Monthly Report
 Principal Reporting to Board of TrusteesTreasurer's Annual Financial Report

Reporting on Local Goals Principal's Monthly Report
  Review of School Programmes Terms of Reference for the Trustees
   Terms of Reference for Committees
   Development/ Operational Plan
NAG 3: Personnel
 Policies         Procedures Supporting documents
 Allocation of Units Appointments Chairperson's Annual Report
 Performance Management   Complaints Staff Representatives' Annual Report
 PersonnelProvision for LeaveTreasurer's Annual Financial Report

Sexual Harassment Principal's Monthly Report
  Staff Development Programme Terms of Reference for the Trustees
  Auxiliary Staff Terms of Reference for Committees
  Associate Teachers Development/ Operational Plan
  Media Communications Job Descriptions
  Unavailability of Teaching Staff Valuing Our People
  Guidance for Provisionally Registered Teachers Leave Application
  Registered Teachers Forms
  Access to School and Information by Prospective Employers Performance Agreement
NAG 4: Finance and Property
 Policies         Procedures Supporting documents
 Finance and Property Accounting Monthly Financial Reports

 Budgeting Annual Financial Statements

 Capital Assets Budget

 Fundraising Charter
  Internal Spending Asset Register
  Property and Equipment Maintenance Grounds Maintenance Programme
  School Accounts Building Compliance Report
  Protected Disclosure Procedure Insurance Portfolio
  Parent Teacher Association Property Occupancy Document
  Staff Reimbursements 
  Use of School Grounds 
NAG 5: Health and Safety
 Policies         Procedures Supporting documents
 Health and Safety Accident and Sick Children Accident / Incident Register

 Administration of Medicines Public Health Records

 Bicycles at School Civil Defence Guidelines

 Child Abuse Disciplinary Action Record
  Discipline and Behaviour Management Emergency Evacuation Guidelines
  Drugs School Emergency Telephone List
  Emergency Drill Emergency Checklist
  Equity Event Report of Accident or Incident
  School Security Hazard Register
  Traumatic Incidents 
  Violence/ Personal Threat Procedure 
  Transport Procedures 
  Sun-Smart Procedure 
  Contractors and Sub-Contractors 

NAG 6: Legislation
 Policies         Procedures Supporting documents
 Community Partnership Stand-downs, Suspensions and Exclusions Admission Register
 Legislation and Regulations Absences New Entrant's Pack
 The Treaty of Waitangi Admissions and Withdrawals Attendance Register

 Attendance and Truancy Record of School Attendance
  Police Vetting 
  Religious Instruction
  School Closure 
  School Day 
  School Year 
  Interviewing Children by the Police 
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