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Enrolment Scheme

Whakarongo School Enrolment Scheme...

Our school is zoned and below is an illustration of the areas that this encompasses.  Our zone changed as of the 1st January 2015. For a more detailed view, please visit  http://nzschools.tki.org.nz/ 

The guidelines for development and operation of enrolment schemes are issued under section 11G (3) of the Education Act 1989 for the purpose of describing the basis on which the Secretary’s powers in relation to enrolment schemes will be exercised.

Home Zone
All students who live within the home zone described below and/or shown on the attached map shall be entitled to enrol at the school.

In a clockwise direction...
  • The northern boundary is 73 Sangsters Road (in zone) and all Tutaki Road addresses are in zone.  Parrs Road and Kohavia Lane addresses are not in zone. The boundary line continues and crosses Stoney Creek Road such that addresses up to and including 749 (odd side) and 724 (even side) are in zone. Briarwood Rd and Stonebrook Lane addresses are in zone.