Developing attitudes and dispositions of our Whakarongo Kid...

At Whakarongo School we think developing the skills, attitudes and qualities associated with new challenges, leadership and responsibility is critical to developing self-managing, future-focused and well-rounded learners. When students at Whakarongo School enter Year 5, our students can begin to participate in our school badge system.

Students from Years 5-8 are encouraged to take on responsibilities and opportunities that can earn them school badge points. School badge points are awarded across five different categories:

These categories have been designed to recognise effort and achievement, as well as encourage students to try new things and persevere with challenges. Once a certain number of points are gained in each domain, students are eligible to receive a silver, and then a gold badge. This is further outlined further below.

Each term an assembly is held to present the badges to the students that achieve them. This is normally in the last week of school. Parents will be notified by our office administrator if your child is going to be awarded a school badge at these assemblies.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact your child's homeroom teacher or Ana Matangi, who co-ordinates these points.