Whakarongo School are one of the few Apple Distinguished Schools in New Zealand. We have been an Apple Distinguished School since July 2018.

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eLearning Use & Safety
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iPad Apps for Learning at Whakarongo School

eLearning @ Whakarongo School

eLearning is an important part of all learning at Whakarongo School.We integrate eLearning across all learning areas as a tool to:


We believe that eLearning is a tool that engages students, allows our students to access learning experiences in a variety of mediums, as well as help our students develop more critical and creative thinking. It allows for greater connections to the real world in their learning, more purposeful learning and greater collaboration as well as responsive feedback about their learning and next steps. It is a powerful tool that is integral in preparing our students as competent digital citizens and developing future focused learners.

What can you expect?

Whakarongo School has a compulsory B.Y.O.D. programme (Bring Your Own Device) from Years 3-8. Students and families participating in the B.Y.O.D. programme should read and are expected to adhere to the B.Y.O.D. guidelines and ICT User Agreement. Please see the above link in red to access this. Students in Years 0-2 are provided with devices through a 1:2 ratio of devices to students. These students are also welcome to bring their own devices but must agree to, and follow, the same guidelines.

At Whakarongo School students have access to a wide range of digital devices: iPads, MacBooks, iMacs, digital cameras, digital video cameras, Apple TVs, and more. All teachers aim to integrate the use of eLearning through all learning areas to provide more varied, targeted and creative learning experiences. Further to this, through this school website and class blogs, you will be able to share in your child's learning and discuss their learning with them and your wider whānau. Please take the time to explore our website and blogs (and feel free to add comments too)... they are a great avenue for keeping in touch with what your child is doing and the students love to see their work published for such a wide audience.

If you have any further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. As we continue to develop future focused learners, it is important that all understand the benefits of eLearning and how to make the most of these for our children.

Carissa Davies

eLearning Teaching & Learning Support


Andrew Mildenhall

eLearning Technical Support