At Whakarongo School we have an extensive team of leaders, teachers and support staff that all help to keep our school humming!

Please feel free to contact our staff if you have any queries. Please note that if you have concerns about your child, we advise that you first contact your child's homeroom teacher to discuss these. Your child's homeroom teacher is always the first port of call, and we encourage you to meet with them first.

Our staff for 2022 are as follows...

Jaco Broodryk


Lisa Cuff

Deputy Principal

Teaching & Learning Development

Carissa Davies

Deputy Principal

Junior School Leader & Mana Huia

Julie Peters

Senior Leader

Years 0-3

Anita Sharland

Senior Leader

Years 4-8

Jo McKinnon

Pod Leader - Homeroom 26

Mark Searle

Homeroom 25

Kelly Jamieson

Homeroom 24

Teana Lewis-Karepa

Homeroom 23

Sarah Searle

Homeroom 25

Julie Christie

Learning Assistant

Danielle Penney

Pod Leader - Homeroom 9

Heather Cobham

Homeroom 8

Ashley Tokley

Homeroom 7

Julie Peters

Pod Leader - Homeroom 6

Gwen Thompson

Homeroom 5

Jo Patrick

Homeroom 1

Felicity Coker

Learning Assistant:

Karen Mason

Learning Assistant:

Anita Sharland

Pod Leader - Homeroom 4

Vanessa Eagle

Homeroom 3

Brooke Brown

Homeroom 2

Helen Harrison

Learning Assistant:

Jane Mayston

Pod Leader - Homeroom 22

Thomas Hobbs

Homeroom 21

Lauren Cameron

Homeroom 13

Liz Coenders

Learning Assistant:

Fiona Rossiter

Pod Leader - Homeroom 18

Kelsi Marsh

Homeroom 19

Andrew Mildenhall

Homeroom 20

Raewyn Wilson

Learning Assistant

Jarrah Shearsby

Learning Assistant

Chris Gilbert

Pod Leader - Homeroom 10

Matthew Radford

Homeroom 11

Christina Malton

Homeroom 12

Al Cameron

Learning Assistant

Jenni Bird

Finance Manager

Caroline Durham

Office Administrator

Dana Farrell

Learning Support Coordinator (LSC)

Victoria Zhou

ORRs/GATE Teacher

Sherilyn Davidson

Classroom Release Teacher

Rebecca Broderson

Classroom Release Teacher

Awhina Watson-Pitcher

Release Teacher

Ayako Munford

Teaching and Learning Resources

Library Support

Rebecca Street

Raukura Programme - ESOL & Reading Support Teacher

Rebecca McDonald

Classroom Release Teacher

Miriam Englinton

Classroom Release Teacher